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Wax Melting Kit


Create beautiful wax seals with Starfish Lane's Wax Melting Kit!

Our kits come perfectly packaged in a neat little bag, making it the perfect gift for any stationery lover.

Included is a wax melting spoon and two tealight candles to keep you pouring perfect wax seals.

These spoons have been extensively tested to heat the wax quickly, with a specially designed spout allowing you control of your pours and a wooded handle that gives you a comfortable grip.

Most wax guns only allow you to use one colour of wax with rigorous cleaning required to change to a new colour. Wax spoons can be cleaned with a wipe so you have endless colour opportunities.

Complete the Wax Seal set with a Custom Wax Seal with your unique design or view our extensive range of Wax Seal Stamps.

Contents of kit: 1x Wax Melting Spoon 2x Tealight candles

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