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Translucent Vellum A4 Paper & Card




CUT THIS STOCK - Translucent Vellum Paper & Card 

Translucent Vellum A4 paper and card is also referred to as Clear Tracing paper/card.  It is strong and durable with a smooth finish and folds beautifully.

It is available in both 112gsm (paper) and 200gsm (card) and is extremely popular for Wedding Invitation Stationery.

  • The Translucent Vellum paper is often used as a Belly Band to hold your Invitation Stationery together as seen here.
  • The Translucent Vellum card is also used as an alternative to regular card.
  • Both the paper and card print beautifully in white, black or colour as seen here.
Printing onto Vellum paper or card

You can either print this versatile translucent paper/card yourself.  We recommend using a Laser Digital printer.  Alternatively our Print Studio service will make the job easy for you.  Our digital commercial printer can print in black, colour or white ink.  Cutting Vellum paper or card can be a little tricky but our electronic guillotine cuts it perfectly, leaving you with perfect crisp edges.

Our Print Studio experts can also foil onto Translucent Vellum card.  However the translucent card has a smooth surface, a little like baking paper, which tries to repel the foil!  This can result in tiny spot-sized 'holes' where the foil hasn't stuck. We are more than happy to foil on this tricky stock for you, and promise to give you the best results possible from our experienced printers.

Order online, or feel free to contact us for more information.  If you live in the Perth area, we encourage you to come into the store to have a look at the printed samples of our Wedding Invitation Stationery using Translucent Vellum paper and card.

Additional information

Paper Weight (gsm)

112gsm (Paper), 200gsm (Card)

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