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Flat Place Cards or Tags

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Flat Place Cards or Tags not only serve the practical purpose of guiding guests to the correct seat, they also just look gorgeous! Whether for your Wedding day, Birthday, Christmas Party or Work Event they are a great way to add depth and colour by layering with your menus.

You may also like to consider how this will be displayed on the table. You may like to simply place it flat beside or on top of the menu or you might like to attach it with some Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon or one of our gorgeous Metallic Paperclips.


Things to keep in mind when ordering your Flat Place Cards or Tags
  • How many will you need? If you're printing personalised guest names this will be one per guest.
  • What would you like to spend? It's good to have an idea of what you would like to spend beforehand, however we will always work with you to reach a place where you're happy with both the design and your spend.
  • Will it be read in dim lighting? If so, make sure the text is an easy to read font and large enough.
  • Where will it be placed? Will it be placed on a dinner plate, beside it or elsewhere? Would you like to attach the placecard to the menu or sit it on top? Think about the surrounding colours including the colour of the plate, cutlery and/or florals and how this will complement your menu choice.


Shapes and Sizes

Flat Place Cards and Tags can be adjusted in size depending on your needs to fit your vision perfectly. If you're after a unique shape this is created using a process called die cutting and does include an added charge. If you’re interested in a unique shape for your event stationery, please send us an email at or pop in-store!


Images Shown

Image 1 - This design is from our Soft Sage Lace Wedding Invitation Suite. 

Image 2 - This design is from our Soft Pink Wedding Invitation Suite. 

Image 3 - This design is from our Wild Willow Wedding Invitation Suite.

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