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What Stationery Do I Need?

This is a BIG question and to be honest most couples find it daunting. Let’s break this baby down!

Let the planning begin!

Save the Date

...With so many destination weddings, or even weddings with a large number of interstate guests, this is a really important item to think about including. Allowing guests time to book holidays from work, flights and accommodation can ensure that all those special people you want will be there.

Stage 1 - Invitation Stationery


...The most important item of obviously!! With all the main details, the invitation is the perfect way to give your guests a hint of the amazing day you are planning. As soon as they pull them from the letterbox, they will be excited and anticipating the day to come.


...Most couples do like to include an RSVP, either including an envelope or as a postcard, for their guests to return. It is a place to ask for any special dietary requirements, a song suggestion and/or maybe even mention that it is an adults only event. Of course where budget is  a consideration an email can be listed with a line about RSVP on the invitation itself.

Wishing Well

...Trust us, your guests want to give you a gift on your big day! A card with gift information is the best way to avoid any confusion, it will make your guests’ lives easier and ensure that you are not gifted 3 toasters.  The common requests being monetary contribution, gift registry or charitable donation. In the case of destination weddings where your guests are travelling you can request, no gifts at all.

Information Cards

…There are so many different information cards that we have done for couples in the past. Maps, accommodation advice, bus information, itinerary - all very important for your guests to be aware of to make the day go smoothly. Depending on the quantity of the information these items can sometimes be combined into one “Finer Details” card.

Stage 2 - Ceremony Stationery

Order of Service

...This can be done in many different ways, we have created fans, single sheets, posters and of course booklets. With longer services this is wonderful way to let guests who are maybe not familiar with the format to understand what is happening and the meaning behind the service. A must, if your ceremony involves guest participation.

Stage 3 - Reception Stationery

Place Cards & Seating Charts

...Once it is time for the reception, it is important that guests move into the room and know where they are heading - so that the party can get started! Table numbers fall into this category as they tie the Seating Chart to the table. These details are also important for your styling and along with flowers, tableware and lighting will achieve the look you are after.


...As with place cards, menus are an important part of your table styling. Depending on how much you’ve got going on with your table, you might find you would prefer to do away with the individual place cards and rather personalise the menus with each guests name. Guests love to know what they will be served, especially if they will need to make menu choices.

Wedding Favours

...There are so many imaginative and original wedding favours at receptions at the moment and we are often asked to create tags to tie onto them that coordinate with the other stationery - keeping the whole table with one consistent look. Another idea is a thank you message for the guests, also a lovely way to tell your guest you appreciate having them with you on the day and in your lives.


...Photo booth, welcome sign, directions, bar, dessert table, reserved chair...the list of signs can be endless. These are a great way of letting your guests know what you have planned for them and when part of a coordinated look become part of your styling. These details personalise the venue and can make all the difference.

Thank you cards

...Once your amazing wedding and honeymoon is all finished, the last job to do is to thank all your friends and family. We do these two ways - either with a photo printed as a keepsake of the day or to coordinate with your other stationery. They can be handwritten, have a generic message printed if time is poor or a little bit of both.