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Paper Art by Eloisa

The lovely Eloisa is an origami master!!

This sweet soul has origamied her way into everyone's hearts. We're friends but we have been known to stalk her on social media...this paper-folding juggernaut has been teaching kids, attending markets, creating commissions for private collections, enchanting displays for weddings and being invited to exhibit at RAW. Big, big deal! 9th November 2017 at the Rosemount Hotel.

We had an inspirational time collaborating with Eloisa on a Christening Collection this past winter all ready for the spring/summer season. Combining our Watercolour Teal & Watercolour Peony and her beautiful paper cranes feels like a match made in heaven, we can't wait to create our island themed stationery over the next few weeks and accenting with her blooms.