Beach theme
By The Sea


We offer 3 options below to suit your time and budget.


Make your Own Invitations

We stock a fantastic range of paper, envelopes and embellishments and upon finalisation of your order, we help with design, measurements, instructions & materials and even provide a sample and demonstration video!


We’ll give you a hand

Choose your design and provide your wording. We’ll set up your invitation, print and cut it, show you the tricks of the trade and supply tools we recommend. All that’s left is for you to put it together!


Leave it to us

We can do it all for you! Choose your design and provide your wording. We’ll set up your invitation, print, cut and beautifully assemble ready to be inserted into envelopes and posted.

Due to the many variations and options in our Handmade invitation range we are unable to provide a definitive price online.

We would therefore prefer to chat to you regarding your options and a price.  Please submit the form below and we will be in touch within 3-5 working days.  Alternatively call us on 08 9228 3011.  We are open 7 days.

Product Description

A shimmer square pocket Wedding Invitation bringing the beach theme into your Wedding Day - this Invitation suite isn't going to be forgotten! It doesn't matter what colour we change it to, whether sand or blue tones it always comes out tops.

Made with our shimmery pebble Quartz paper, grosgrain textured ribbon, natural starfish and a Quartz square pocket that holds your RSVP, Gifts and Information cards. It fits into our luxurious square Quartz matching envelope.

Please see the 3 options above of how we can help you.

If you plan to DIY, we would be happy to make you a sample invitation demonstrating how easy it is to DIY - it’s all part of our excellent customer service.

Don’t stress trying to work out how much paper and glue tape you will need we have got you covered.  Please contact us for further information, or call 08 92283011.